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Raise Your Vibrations And Recharge Your Body


The Infrared PEMF Mat combines two powerful healing technologies to create the ultimate recovery tool. PEMF grounds you in earth’s magnetic field for a full-body reset, while Infrared’s deeply penetrating heat doubles your DOSE. Hit the mat to ease chronic pain, recover from workouts, deepen your meditations, or experience total-body relaxation. No set-up or clean-up required. 

How does it work? Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy emits electromagnetic waves that mimic natural frequencies found in nature, stimulating and encouraging your body’s natural recovery process. The benefits of PEMF alone are out-of-this-world (literally, astronauts used it to recover from a debilitating space mission), but even more powerful when paired with infrared’s deeply penetrating heat and twenty pounds of healing crystals layered inside the mat, which produce negative ions (think: antioxidants in the air) when heated.


Why It Works


Why combine infrared heat with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy? Alone, they deliver incredible results, but they're even more powerful when paired together. PEMF has been used for years; even astronauts used it to recover from a debilitating space mission. It emits electromagnetic waves that mimic the healing vibrations found in nature. They stimulate your body's natural healing processes, reduce inflammation and relieve stress.

Infrared heat promotes a full-body detox. It raises your body temperature to flush out toxins. Then it boosts circulation, making sure your body has all the key nutrients it needs to feel energised and heal itself. Think of it like healing your body from the inside out.

But the HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF Mat goes even further. A layer of healing crystals – amethyst and tourmaline – emit negative ions to fight free radicals. They act as antioxidants to protect your body from harmful chemicals and other nasties. When all of that's combined with a layer of toxin-draining and circulation-boosting charcoal, clay and magnetics, you've got the ultimate recipe for total and complete, full-body recovery.


It's as simple as:


Step 1: Find a quiet place to relax.

Step 2: Lay the HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF Mat on a flat surface.

Step 3: Choose a PEMF level from 1 to 4.

Step 4: Select a comfortable infrared temperature setting.

Step 5: Activate the negative ion feature for a deeper level of healing.

Step 6: Lay back and relax.

Step 7: Experiment with different levels of PEMF, if you wish.





SKU: 364215375135191
  • Potential benefits include:
    Reduced stress
    Increased energy
    Better sleep
    Improved circulation
    Improved muscle recovery

    Size: 73.5 x 185 cm (29" x 73")
    Weight: 19kg / 43lbs
    Power: Voltage USA 110V. Wattage 180
    PEMF Info: 4pcs PEMF Cores Implanted. 4 levels of Hz Frequency: 3Hz-23Hz. 
    Heaters: Mats run in a very safe zone of 0.2-0.8 milligauss. (Global TOC criteria is 2 milligauss. Electrical field: Low EMF.) 
    Usage: The product should only be used in the country where it was purchased and shipped. Usage outside those geographical locations voids any warranty and can cause severe damage to the product. HigherDOSE will not be responsible for any damages incurred because of this.

  • Free delivery UK

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